The elegance of glass.

Glass is an element of great elegance in interior design, both to create the atmosphere of some rooms and to divide an area with effects of various satin finishes or decorations. In the design of buildings, glass is synonymous with transparency, brightness and lightness; with an ad hoc study it is possible to create a visual connection between the style of the furniture and the chosen leitmotiv. Among our superior quality films you can choose between different characteristics of resistance, decoration, heat containment and transparency.


Energy Saving : with thermal window films, you can save on ambient refrigeration costs.

Privacy : enhance the glass walls, protect your privacy by exploiting solar diffusion.

Solar Protection : regulates the solar diffusion of the large glass walls according to your needs.


Fasara and Satin finishings.

The range of Fasara films today includes over 100 finishes, ranging from the more traditional patterns, with a geometric setting, to the more sensory ones, with incredible nuance effects.The areas of use are unlimited: from offices to shopping centers passing through private homes, from hotels and restaurants at spa centers. In addition to a surprising aesthetic effect, it reduces UV radiation up to 99% and in case of accidental breakage of the glass it allows to retain the splinters.

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Sun Control.

Solar control films can make the environment more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat inside a building, limiting the energy consumption of air conditioning. They reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99.9% and thus help slow down the discoloration process of surfaces. There are many types with different shading and quality characteristics that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. Finally, they can also be combined with the characteristics of safety films to increase the protection of people from splinters generated by breaking the glass.

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Clear View Films

A cast-type vinyl printing film, the transparency of which revolutionizes the design concept on glass surfaces. It allows you to create incredible decorative effects while the non-printed areas remain highly transparent, allowing a clear view through the glass. The structure of the film it also guarantees excellent print quality and expands the creative and use possibilities of films in various sectors.They can be applied both indoors and outdoors on flat or curved surfaces.

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Window Films and Brand Identity.

Use your windows to show your brand, building glass can be used to increase the visibility of a business. Whether they are in a passageway or on the glass doors at the entrance to your office, window decals will give you the opportunity to enhance your corporate identity. Window decals for shop windows are a great way to communicate with the customer and attract attention with respect to discounts and promotions, or on the contrary they can also be used to make indoor environments more discreet.

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Dichroic finishes.

It creates glasses with exclusive iridescent effects; a film that creates a myriad of colors, a film that changes color when viewed from different angles, a film that generates excitement and vitality around you. Dichroic films for glass allow you to create unique effects and colors that can be applied both indoors and outdoors. The "Blaze" film changes color to warm shades in the red / gold color spectrum. The "Chill" film changes color to cool shades in the gold / blue color spectrum.

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Safety and Protection Films.

Windows are often the weakest component of a building envelope, but with safety films we can do a lot to protect them from natural events, against accidental impacts or vandalism or intrusion attempts. These films are able to reinforce the windows, protect the occupants and the furniture from splinters, in case of breakage of the windows. In addition to the anti-splinter effect they have an abrasion resistant surface.

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OneWay Films.

With One Way films you can make the glass of your shop window printable. For the total decoration of the glass we use a perforated film, which allows you to maintain visibility from the inside out through the holes, while still managing to maintain an optimal resolution of the graphics seen externally.

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