Protect the paint for a perfect car every time.

PPF is a clear polyurethane film with a glossy or matte finish. This protective anti-stone adhesive film protects the bodywork from crushed stone, salt, scratches caused by vandalism, other car doors, sun, tar, insects, badly done washes etc etc ... in short from everything that can ruin the car body. The application of the PPF Protective Film on your car allows you to protect the bodywork, keeping the vehicle looking new and preserving its value over time.


A feature of PPF film is that it is invisible to sight. Those who are not aware of its application will not notice it. Applying it you get to the edge of the corner and passing your finger, you can see the trim. Resists cracking, yellowing and stains.
Being transparent and having a high gloss, the PPF film allows you to enhance the beauty of the body, giving the vehicle a showroom appearance. Our PPF can also be applied to dull cars, without altering their color.


The self-regenerating properties of the Protective Film allow it to self-regenerate any scratches simply by exposing it to the heat of the sun (self-healing). The area that has been damaged will be as good as new thanks to the heat. If we talk about micro-scratches, the heat of the sun is already enough when in summer there are about 30 °. If the car has been exposed to the sun's rays for a few hours, they will "magically" disappear. For the most demanding cases we can resort to the use of a hairdryer or a steam machine.


The application of the PPF film requires a lot of practice and patience. Our center specializes in the application of pre-cut PPF Protective Film. This means that there is no need to disassemble any part of the car. We can apply our PPF on various parts of the car, on the front, on the headlights or on the entire car at the customer's discretion.


FAQ - Domande frequenti sulle pellicole

What is the protective film for?
Protective film is the most effective way to protect car paint from stone chips, abrasions and environmental damage. It allows you to create a lasting protective barrier without altering the appearance of the vehicle in any way, to keep it as new. The film is also approved in the world of racing and offering resistance even in the most difficult environments for the 2 or 4 wheels.
What is the best time to apply the film?
Ideally in the first 6 months of purchasing the vehicle or in any case before the bodywork suffers too much damage. It's better to be safe than sorry, so the sooner the film is applied, the better.


How long does the film last?
The film can last for years. The film can be damaged but the underlying paint remains intact unless it is a serious damage. If necessary, you can remove the film part and replace it, without having to purchase a complete new kit.
Can it be removed? Does it leave residues or does it peel off the paint?
Yes, but we recommend that you contact a professional installer. The film can be removed with the help of heat, which simplifies this operation, and does not release adhesive residues on the surface. If the paint was original at the time of installation, it will not be damaged when removed. Inadequately treated repaint may be more vulnerable.