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Artlantis offers a range of elegant and practical films able to meet and overcome your interior and exterior design and renovation challenges, revolutionizing the concept of restyling of environments. Each surface can be transformed quickly and easily to take on the desired look. Our 3M ™ DI-NOC ™ adhesive coatings reproduce the aesthetics of natural and other materials, offering design freedom that will allow you to boost your brand. Available in over 900 patterns that faithfully reproduce the most common finishes: from woods to metals, from stones to marbles, from cements to carbon, from fabrics to leathers.

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Certified and Guaranteed : excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, dirt, wear from UV rays.

Speed ​​: redevelopment in a short time and without compromising the service.

Eco-sustainable : choosing to cover you can avoid having to replace or throw away old furniture.


Building requalification.

The adhesive films can be used to modernize and renovate the exteriors of your buildings . Thanks to various possible effects including textured, metal, gloss and marble, your building will look new at a lower price. Material coatings extremely flexible and suitable for the redevelopment of external facades of buildings. Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents including erosion to UV rays and with high dimensional stability.

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Restyling of Furnishing Accessories.

We all had the desire to protect or renovate a piece of furniture , to extend its life or give it a touch of modernity and uniqueness. The possibilities for decorating furniture and appliances are many: a dated but precious wardrobe or a somewhat anonymous chest of drawers chosen for its efficiency and not for its ecstatic function, a ruined shelf or even the style renovation of a kitchen furniture. Applied to the surfaces, doors and elements of our furnishing accessory, the films allow you to transform and enhance it.

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Wall Films.

Thanks to digital printing technology, 3M wall decoration films are an innovative decorative technique designed to create decorations on both smooth and wrinkled surfaces of a mural nature . It is a tool that offers huge creative opportunities, with no limits of specific supports or surfaces.‎

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Walkable Films.

Create successful communications by taking advantage of walking surfaces. These adhesive films allow you to recreate original environments and successful promotions, both indoors and outdoors. Indispensable for communicating a message in unusual passageways or if you simply want to give a more interesting aspect to the surface on which passers-by walk, moreover, thanks to the high 3M quality, there is no need to worry about the wear of the continuously trampled graphics.

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Whiteboard & Blackboard.

White or black boards useful for all needs. Transforming a simple wall surface, a partition panel, a metal or glass wall into a blackboard or a projection screen is now possible thanks to 3M Whiteboard & Blackboard. This range of adhesive coatings has been specifically created for the world of rear projection, video projection and blackboards that can be rewritten with liquid chalk, chalk or water markers. Extremely flexible, innovative and prestigious to furnish meeting rooms in offices, schools, kindergartens and universities, shops, shopping centers.

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