Make your car a billboard.

Your vehicle can promote you with style, making you or your product stand out with an image that will not go unnoticed.
Communication on 4 wheels is a strategic, rapid, constant tool with no fixed maintenance costs. In fact, more and more companies are using their vehicles as a communication tool and as an advertising space.

High quality results with fast and safe application times .

Personalized graphic design according to the study of your corporate image.

Decorative possibilities for small budgets , with photographic prints and pre-spaced lettering.

Possibility of reflective inserts for better visibility and embellish the vehicle.

We can decorate any type of vehicle : motorcycles, campers, buses, trucks, trains and trams, up to boats.


Don't put limits on your image, change your style, reinvent yourself, amaze with a strong visual impact. We offer you a customized graphic project: We reproduce your brand and the elements of your image, inserting the information, contact details and the message you want to relaunch at your choice. Our team of certified installers will make your vehicle a tool to make you recognized and amazed wherever you are.

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Glass Decor.

You do not limit yourself, thanks to our special films you can make even the glass parts of your vehicle printable. For the total decoration of the glass we use a perforated film, which allows to maintain from the inside, through. the holes, the visibility of the driver from the inside to the outside and finally maintains an optimal resolution of the graphics seen externally.

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FAQ - Domande frequenti sulle pellicole

Can I decorate my vehicle myself?
In order to ensure the quality and durability of the installation, it is important that a certified and experienced installer carries out the application. Our network of certified applicators carries out high quality work throughout the national territory.
How long does the application last?
Films can last for years, if necessary, you can remove the damaged part of the film and replace it. We offer only high quality films, which last from 5 to 10 years. The duration of the films varies according to the geographical areas and the type of color chosen.


Is it possible to remove the graphics? Will it damage the car body?
Yes, it is possible to remove the graphics but it is always advisable to rely on a professional. Removing the film within the time specified in the warranty guarantees a residue-free and damage-free removal. Areas that have been covered by the film may appear brighter and shinier as they have been protected from the elements.
How should I wash the car after decoration?
It is advisable to wash the car by hand, using a mild detergent without additives. Alternatively, you can wash your car in a car wash, but without the use of abrasive brushes. Dry the surface thoroughly to prevent stains.
Do not wash the car in the first week after application to allow the film to achieve maximum adhesion. If it's cold, it may take even longer.
Be careful if you use high pressure cleaners and make sure that the water temperature does not exceed 60° C and that the spray occurs from a distance of 50 cm and is not directed at the edges of the film.


For all your decoration, covering, protection or customization needs.
We carry out customized decorations from prototype to installation for each type of vehicle.