Trendy on the outside and cool on the inside

Window films are capable of transferring great resistance to the glass of the car. All films are free from optical distortions and with anti-scratch coating for a longer duration over time. The effectiveness of the films are guaranteed against detachment, bubbles, breakage or yellowing and provide perfect transparency for the duration of the guarantee. Resistant to impacts, scratches and everyday abrasions, they have been designed to prevent any risk caused by the road or by people.

Sun Control.

Shading films are designed to improve comfort and protect the interior of the car and the people who occupy it. Ideal both for those who are looking for a solution with a transparent film to protect you from the heat , and for those who want a more captivating solution. They are capable of reflecting the heat of the rays, blocking up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, and significantly reducing glare from direct sunlight, thus allowing better visibility and concentration while driving.

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Security Films.

Protective films increase driver safety by reducing the risks caused by shattering glass during natural disasters and accidents. It also increases security and offers greater protection against theft with break-ins and break-ins. Finally, as with solar control films, they can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays that cause discoloration of the vehicle interior..

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Glass Decor.

With oneway films you can make the glass parts of your vehicle printable. For the total decoration of the glass we use a perforated film, which allows you to maintain visibility from the inside out through the holes, while still managing to maintain an optimal resolution of the graphics seen externally.

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FAQ - Domande frequenti sulle pellicole

Can I install the window films myself?
No, the application of the films must be done by a professional. Our authorized installers have undergone training courses and have gained experience that allows them to carry out high quality work. Only in this way, our customers can enjoy the benefits of window films with the peace of mind offered by the guarantee.
How do solar control films work?
Solar control films are designed to reduce heat transmission through windows by increasing solar reflection (not necessarily visible) and absorption of solar radiation through glass. Generally, colored films work mainly by ensuring greater absorption, in fact the color absorbs solar energy on the glass, thus reducing direct transmission inside.
How do protective films work?
The safety and protection films are designed to prevent the glass from shattering and to hold the glass fragments together in case of breakage.


How should I clean the windows once the film is installed?
After thirty days, you can proceed with cleaning the films using normal household cleaning products and a soft lint-free cloth or towel. Do not use abrasive products that could scratch or damage the film.
Does protection from ultraviolet rays lose effectiveness over time?
The ultraviolet protection used in our adhesive system does not last indefinitely, however our window films have been designed to maintain a high level of UV protection throughout their useful life. Tests have shown that ultraviolet transmission even after 10 years is still less than 1%.
Can window films prevent car interiors from discolouring?
Nothing can completely prevent discoloration. Window films are designed to reduce the main causes of the fading process: ultraviolet light, visible light and solar heat, thus extending the life of fabrics two to five times.


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